Bloom is new collaboration with singer Hannah Sumner. Hannah and I both decided to try something new with our sound. I had the pleasure of co-writing, producing and mixing this track along with lyrics and additional production by Hannah. Featuring the always incredible Christian Li on piano. 


We're going on tour Nov 13 through Nov 19 with sungazer (Adam Neely & Shawn Crowder. We'll be hitting seven cities (Nashville, Atlanta, Fayetteville, Norfolk, Richmond, NYC, Boston) in the east coast. Come say hi and enjoy the f u s i o n.

NOV 13
8:30 PM
Nashville, TN
NOV 14
8:30 PM
Atlanta, GA
NOV 15
8:30 PM
Fayetteville, NC
NOV 16
8:30 PM
Norfolk, VA
NOV 17
8:30 PM
Richmond, VA
INDIA 2018

We were invited to perform at the Udaipur World Music Festival. During our time in India, we traveled to New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Udaipur for a series of concerts and workshops. While in Delhi, we recorded a live-in-the-studio music video featuring local musicians.  Stay tuned for the video series coming soon.


"Parts guitar-laden spy theme and swanky brass-led swagger, It Was You shows the impressive power and atmosphere Shubh produces in his songwriting, culminating in an excellent second-half where the brass and guitar work combine for a melodically riveting listen."

Shubh Saran - Lauren Desberg

"It’s the kind of sleek, thrilling progressive jazz with plenty of hooks and groove to it....Hmayra is a confident and striking full-length debut for the young guitarist, one that should put him on the radar for fans of proggy modern jazz."

"Saran is a first-rate composer and a tasteful guitarist who makes a very impressive showing on [his debut] album."

"[Hmayra] features rich climaxes as well as intermittent valleys and peaks, with Saran’s solos veering in and out like a pedestrian weaving through a packed sidewalk in Bangalore."


"There's a simple, straightforward goodness to these songs that are a pleasure to hear. His intermingling of his Indian heritage with modern jazz sounds show great skill without insisting upon itself."

Shubh Saran - Lauren Desberg

"[Saran's] exposure to Western music helped him come up with a unique style that is a mix of classical and contemporary Indian music, modern jazz, neo-soul, and rock."

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|   Lauren Desberg, Daniel Techy, Tucker W. Mitchell, Elizabeth Maney

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