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Album, 2021

A multi-layered album that explores concepts of identity, inglish makes use of Indian and Middle Eastern instrumentation while also expanding the role of modular synthesizers, underscored by Saran’s live band. The album is a longform message that pays tribute to the difficult process of assimilating while embracing your own culture.


EP, 2020

Shubh’s third record, Becoming is the marriage between modern jazz and late 90s punk rock. Featuring five new songs including one vocal duet, the EP embraces early musical influences the band decided to revisit. Each song will be paired with a live in the studio music video available on YouTube.

becoming-album copy.jpg

EP, 2018

H.A.D.D features five new songs written and recorded in 2018. Featuring Shubh Saran’s seven-piece band, this EP blends virtuosic performances with expressive song writing. Beneath the layers of instrument sampling and processed vocals lies dramatic songs about hidden messages.


Album, 2016

Hmayra is a collection of new compositions that were written over the span of a year. Featuring eleven musicians, the album spotlights intricate rhythms and harmonies presented in a groove-oriented way. Opening with an ominous, percussion-heavy intro The Profane, the compositions vary from edgy to melodic, concluding with the upbeat rock song Ascent

Hmayra Front (1).jpg
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