H.A.D.D features five new songs written and recorded in 2018. Featuring Shubh Saran’s seven-piece band, this EP blends virtuosic performances with expressive song writing. Beneath the layers of instrument sampling and processed vocals lies dramatic songs about hidden messages.


While still being reminiscent of Shubh Saran’s first album, H.A.D.D takes a turn toward simplified song structures borrowing elements from indie and electronic music. After a year of monthly performances in New York and an India tour, the record draws its inspiration from the energy of the band’s live shows.


The EP’s title, an abbreviation for Hypersensitive Agency Detection Device, is the tendency for humans to assume the presence of a sentient being in situations that may not involve one at all. This represents the core idea of the EP, assigning greater meaning to everyday life.


© 2019 Shubh Saran


|   Lauren Desberg, Daniel Techy, Tucker W. Mitchell, Elizabeth Maney

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