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"While Indian classical music is an institution, parallel independent music in the country also needs nurturing as it breeds free thought and creativity within young people, Saran said."

- Telangana Today

"The 28-year-old, who toured India recently with performances and workshops in Mumbai, Goa, Gurgaon and New Delhi to promote his latest album "Becoming", said he received an "overwhelmingly" positive response from the independent music community here."

- Outlook India

"After selling out shows in New York, Boston, and Atlanta while on their co-headlining US tour, Sungazer and Shubh Saran are bringing their tour Shubhgazer to India for the first time."

- Radio and Music
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“Becoming is 2020’s answer to fresh sounds coming from Shubh Saran & Friends. The EP has five outstanding tracks that paint bold and sweet emotions with extremely creative chord modulations." 

- Debbie Burke

"This [is] different, partly because of the instrumentation, but also how Shubh is taking different explorations in his music — it’s really compelling and feels very truthful."

- Yale Daily News

"Not every jazz musician is proficient or passionate about a range of other genres, and not all of them incorporate all these genres in their music. However, New York-based jazz guitarist and composer Shubh Saran takes a different approach."

- India Today

"With seven amazing musicians (doubling up on saxes and drums), the album is strikingly pretty and fizzes with vitality."

- Debbie Burke

"He’s not here to drown out the record with licks or solos; he, as a composer, is all about placing instruments and elements into places where they serve the purpose of a song."

- Everything is Noise

"The musicians are all excellent and place their skills into the service of the composition and the arrangement. An album outside the conventions."

- Michael's Jazz Blog

"It goes without saying that Shubh Saran is quite the modern marvel when it comes to jazz." 

- Everything Is Noise

 "A very fascinating collection of sounds that have melodic and rhythmic surprises and developments around every corner."

- Staccatofy
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"Saran will be releasing the live videos exclusively via Rolling Stone India for the next five weeks and aims to showcase the richness, creativity and diversity of independent music in India."

- Rolling Stone India
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"Originally a soft, acoustic piece by Chayan & Smiti, Saran and his band give “Mind Fire” their own jazz and bossanova-fueled spin." 

- Rolling Stone India
Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.02.57

"Arranged by Saran, “Ang” is groovy and bright, featuring just the right amount of funk energy."

- Rolling Stone India
Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.03.29

"The addition of Saran and his band’s cinematic jazz instrumentals elevates the track to orchestrallevels and brings in an almost tangible depth."

- Rolling Stone India
Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.03.54

"Saran and his band trickle in their instruments layer by layer, adding complexity to the soundscape in smooth transitions. Instrumental sections are seamless and push “Wild” to new levels without taking away from its indie charm."

- Rolling Stone India
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"Guitarist and composer Shubh Saran, who recently performed at the Udaipur World Music Festival, says he drifts more towards music that straddles multiple styles and cultures."

- The Punch Magazine

"Having grown up in six different countries, Indian-origin musician Shubh Saran’s career has been shaped by a mixture of influences. Saran is now looking forward to his India tour next month, during which he will also perform at the Udaipur World Music Festival."

- Little India

"Blending tradition with the modern Shubh Saran wants to make his Indian and American dreams one "

- The Hindu
25 Shubh Saran Rockwood 6-19-18_TM.jpg

"Shubh plays intricate compositions that fuse sounds from modern jazz, neo-soul, and rock with classical and contemporary Indian music."

- Deccan Herald 
Shubh Saran - Sofar NYC

"Parts guitar-laden spy theme and swanky brass-led swagger, It Was You shows the impressive power and atmosphere Shubh produces in his songwriting, culminating in an excellent second-half where the brass and guitar work combine for a melodically riveting listen."

- Obscure Sound
Shubh Saran - Lauren Desberg

"It’s the kind of sleek, thrilling progressive jazz with plenty of hooks and groove to it....Hmayra is a confident and striking full-length debut for the young guitarist, one that should put him on the radar for fans of proggy modern jazz."

- Heavy Blog is Heavy
Judson Memorial Church - Shubh Saran

"Saran is a first-rate composer and a tasteful guitarist who makes a very impressive showing on [his debut] album."

- George Graham
Shubh Saran - Lauren Desberg

"[Hmayra] features rich climaxes as well as intermittent valleys and peaks, with Saran’s solos veering in and out like a pedestrian weaving through a packed sidewalk in Bangalore."

- Jazz Weekly

"Although independent music in India has always been overshadowed by Bollywood, Saran believes the industry no longer caters to a particular genre and has become a confluence of different schools of music."

- Business Standard
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